Cancellation Policy


*It is understood that emergencies and things beyond our control happen.  An adequate notice of minimum 48 hours notice is desired to reschedule your session, though earlier notice is always preferred. * Cancelling your session in entirety without notice ie. a no show, forfeits your initial non-refundable fee of $50 immediately. A significantly late arrival of 30 minutes or more without notice, may forfeit your session fee as well.

ALL canceled sessions MUST be booked within 3 months of your initial appointment or clients will forfeit their deposit/payment.

Tips when scheduling your session:

* Plan ahead i.e wardrobe and arrive camera-ready

(H&M is always a plus)

*(For outdoor sessions)
Plan and set a rain date ahead of time

(session appointments will automatically have to be rescheduled if it is raining) 
****A shoot on a rainy day will typically end up in fewer image options than on a sunny day etc same as a sunny day will have fewer options than over a slightly overcast day. Keeping an appointment during or soon after rain will set limitations. Allowing only an attempt to create as many unique and interesting images possible given the limitations.


*Communicate what you would like to include in your session i.e poses etc


*Children & Teens
Prepare them for the shoot by preparing snacks, pick wardrobe that will make them feel comfortable etc


*Outdoor Holiday pictures (cold weather)
Be sure to plan cold weather wardrobe i.e scarfs, hats etc color coordinate

(I will always send wardrobe ideas)


*Have fun & Relax


Please keep in mind you Do Not get ALL the photos from the session